Papineau Lake Community Association (PLCA)
Timeline of Septage Disposal at Papineau Lake
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August 13, 2014 Hastings Highlands Council passes Councillor Cannon's motion.  Septage dewatering trenches at Papineau lake are officially dead.  
July 16, 2014

At Hastings Highlands Council meeting on July 16th Jp2g presente their latest report. In response Councillor Cannon ( put forward the following motion to be discussed and voted on at the August 13th council meeting. If it is passed it will be the end of Septage disposal at Papineau Lake:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT: WHEREAS the Council of the Municipality of
Hastings Highlands has heard the concerns of their residents, senior staff and the Ministry of Environment; AND WHEREAS given that it is now widely recognized that septage dewatering trenches are not seen as a viable solution; 
AND WHEREAS given that licenses for field application ofseptage have been granted by the Province of Ontario for the next five years;
AND WHEREAS Candidate Site 3B does not meet the attenuation zone requirements as set by the Ministry of Environment; 
AND WHEREAS in order for the Municipality of Hastings Highlands to enable future development it needs to provide an ecologically responsible and long term septage solution such as a sewage treatment plant; 
AND WHEREAS it is urgent that action be taken before any further funds and staff resources are further expended with regard to this matter; 
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council of the Municipality of Hastings Highlands shall direct staff to reject any further investigation into septage dewatering trenches, and terminate the services of JP2G, effective immediately.

July 16, 2014 Kevin Mooder from JP2G is scheduled to appear before council to present the Septage Management Strategy report to council and to respond to questions from council.  The report will be attached to the agenda for the meeting to be posted to the Hastings Highlands web site on July 11th.  Questions can be directed to  Council has agreed to present questions to Kevin Mooder on our behalf.  
July 2, 2014 Dave Robb, Director of Corporate Services and Operations at Hastings Highlands tells council he has grave concerns about the information and procedures in the Septage Management Strategy Report   
June 19, 2014 JP2G presents results of testing at Papineau Lake and Little Papineau Lake to the Ministry of the Environment  
May 20, 2014 JP2G starts Hydro Geological testing at Papineau Lake and Little Papineau Lake.  Results are to be published in June.  
February 19, 2014 Hastings Highlands Council unanimously adopts the following request
I-2-1 Request from Madonna Gallo
THAT Council commits to undertaking the further necessary environmental study and testing of the Little Papineau Lake site; and
THAT Council will not proceed to the construction stage until it is satisfied that this site is a suitable site taking into consideration all environmental and social impacts
January 22, 2014 Hastings Highlands Council rejects Lake St Peter as a site and votes unanimously to proceed with Little Papineua Lake pending Ministry of the Environment approval.  Final testing will be done after the spring thaw.  
October 24, 2013 Jp2g Consultants publish 2 reports to Council which are not released to the public.  The first is for additional hydrogeologic studies of Lake St Peter, Papineau Lake and Little Papineau Lake.  They recommend that Lake St Peter be dropped from the list.  Although dated October 24, 2013 the reports are not made public till January of 2014 Select
  The second document sent to council by Jp2g is a rehash of public meetings held prior to August 2013 and their response to concerns expressed at the August 24th meeting. Select
October2,2013 Presentation to Council by PLCA Select
September18,2013 Council agrees to additional Hydrogeological testing at Papineau Lake, Little Papineau and Lake St Peter  
August24,2013 Information session held by Hastings Highlands and JP2G on Papineau Lake, Little Papineau and Lake St Peter  
December5,2012 Council agrees to extend site investigation to abandoned waste disposal sites opening up Little Papineau Lake as a possible site.  
October 6, 2012 Feasibility Study compiled by JP2G on the Papineau Lake and Lake St Peter sites This was the document prepared for the meeting on October 6, 2012  It covers the process followed to come to the reccomended sites at Papineau Lake and Lake St Peter. Select
October 6,2012 Public Information Session Held at Municipal Offices  
September14,2012 Septage Hydrogeological Report - Papineau Lake and Lake St Peter. This is a detailed report on the physical characteristics of the Papineau Lake and Lake St Peter sites, this covers off surface and ground water, soil and bedrock studies. Select
August 2012 Jim Bradley Minister of the Environment responds to the letter writing campaign Select
March 12, 2012 Evaluation of Alternative Approaches - this is a rehash of the original septage strategy document giving the approaches considered for the septage disposal solution.  
March 9, 2012 Evaluation of Candidate Sites - this is an expanded evaluation of candidate sites with the addition of the private land holdings added to the list. Select
December 3, 2011 Stakeholders Workshop Held at Municipal Offices  
November 2, 2011 Notice of Stakeholders Workshop  
September29,2011 Bancroft Times Article - report on disagreement between council and representatives of the PLCA.  At this point council was advised not to discuss septage with the PLCA as we had retained a lawyer. Select
September15,2011 Bancroft Times Article - report on Councillor Fell's presentation to council Select
  Bancroft Times Article - front page coverage of the September 7th council meeting Select
September15,2011 Bancroft This Week Article - coverage of the September 7th council meeting  Select
September 8, 2011 Bancroft Times - historical review of the septage situation in Hastings Highlands Select
August 26, 2011 Bancroft This Week Article - report of the August 23rd council meeting Select
August 18, 2011 Request for Septage Lands - request from Hastings Highlands for proposals from individuals interested in selling land for a septage disposal site Select
August 17, 2011 JP2G presentation to Council - Proposed Consultation Process.  This includes a review of communications from the
PLCA Lawyer and questions on the Class EA process, Screening of Alternate approaches, Development and Operational Issues, the Papineau Lake Waste Disposal Site and the Study Process
July 2011 Letter Writing Campaign to Council  
July 6, 2011 Septage Management Strategy - the original document from JP2G and the basis for the July 5th Public Information Sesson. Select
July 6, 2011 Presentation to Council - Harold Harris' presentation to council Select
  Presentation to Coundil - Ian Salgo's presentation to council Select
July 5, 2011 Public Information Session - This was the first real chance that anyone had to determine what was happening with the Septage situation.  The announcement on January 6th was not noticed by anyone on the lake.  
January 6, 2011 Class EA Septage Management Strategy Notice- This was the initial notice from Hasting Higlands that they were embarking on a process to determine a Septage Management solution.   Select
2005 Provincial Policy Statement on Septage Select

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